Vision. Mission. Values

To enhance consumers’ trust, ROGOB undertakes public responsibility for its activity by formulating its Vision, Mission and Values.



“Become unquestionable leaders on the market in terms of consumer preference and sales volume.”


“Impress and indulge our consumers with outstanding products that have no competitors in terms of high quality and special taste, undertaking the role of flagship in the industry due to our professional excellence and total dedication to the consumer.”


  • -The quality of the product is essential in our activity.
  • -Your and your children’s health are the main factor to guide our activity when we create the product.
  • -Our aim is to provide you a qualitative and fresh product
  • -Consumers’ preferences guide our daily activity
  • -Our activity is based on innovation, progress and inventiveness.
  • -We tend to create favourable work conditions for every employee.

Our policy in terms of food safety is based on the established objectives communicated at all the levels of the production and commerce company “ROGOB” LLC we monitor, analyse and review from time to time, so as to ensure:


  • -Increase in competitiveness and food safety of the prefabricated products.
  • -Carry out business activities complying with the applicable national laws and regulations and the clients regulations on quality and food safety.
  • -Increase environment performance and prevent environment pollution by reducing and eliminating the significant impact of the company’s production processes.
  • -Training and raising awareness in employees in terms of corporate culture with the aim to understand the purposes of their own activities and their responsibilities in terms of quality and food safety.
  • -Involve all the employees in fulfilling all the quality and food safety objectives.
  • -Ensure a transparent and adequate communication with all the stakeholders.