Company history

Production and commerce company ROGOB LLC was created in 1997 by Mr and Mrs Grigore and Fevronia Rosca, which started its activity as a family business. The business developed constantly throughout the 18 years of activity, the cold cuts prepared according to the traditional recipes gained consumers trust.

In 2008, when Igor Rosca, the son of Grigore and Fevronia Rosca was assigned General Manager of the company, the company established high challenges to overcome based on a clearly defined development plan. Thus, the company started to develop its own network of speciality stores, planned, designed and decorated in a European style.

In 2013, the company opened the most modern cold cut factory in Moldova complying with all the European sanitary and quality standards. This led to the creation of new comfortable jobs complying with all the European norms and standards, being highly appreciated by the European officials during their repeated visits to the factory. Tonio Borg – the European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, Christian Schmidt – Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture of Germany confirmed that the company complies with all the European norms of hygiene and cold cuts production, due to which the company is eligible for exporting its products on the EU market.

The ROGOB products can be found in the most well-known supermarkets in Moldova, as well as in the company’s network of 13 ROGOB specialty stores – including one in Soroca and one in Balti. We deliver goods in our specialty stores twice a day, so that our customers could enjoy the freshest products and a good service in a friendly and warm environment.

Currently, Rogob is the largest and most modern company in Moldova producing salami and meat delicatessen. The company is situated in the Goianul Nou village (Chisinau municipality) and has a production capacity exceeding 45-50 tons of finished products in 24 hours. The company has about 400 employees.