Why would I choose ROGOB products?

Quality, naturalness and freshness are the pillars underlying our company’s activity allowing it to become the undeniable leader of the cold meats market, when it comes to the preferences of consumers. To meet these conditions, we invest in business development, therefore, today we are proud of the most modern and the most equipped cold meats factory in the Republic of Moldova. We invest in highly performing employees who work daily on the product and the creation of new recipes, based on the requests and demands of our consumers.

What kind of meat does ROGOB use to make cold meats?

Depending on the domestic market capacity to provide the company with quantities required for production, which depend on the season, ROGOB company uses either local meat or meat imported from the European Union and CIS countries. Regardless of the origin country, we carry out strict control upon raw material reception, in order to make sure that we receive a high quality product.

How natural are ROGOB products?

Naturalness of the products is a priority for us. In the production of cold meats we use quality refrigerated meat, subject to strict sanitary verifications, as well as a series of natural ingredients such as eggs, fresh onion, natural spices, etc. without resorting to cheap chemical substututes. Moreover, in the product smoking process we use natural beech wood sawdust.
At the same time, to maintain the quality of our products for a longer period of time, to keep the taste properties and to ensure the control of products acidity and alkalinity, we use quality food additives provided by European leading producers of spices and additives for cold meats.

Why should I buy sausages precisely from the ROGOB stores?

Firstly, because they guarantee products freshness, since products are being delivered to ROGOB stores twice per day, which means that product turnover is high, which means that you are getting the freshest product.
Secondly, because the products range of the ROGOB stores is more varied than in a regular store, which means that, regardless of the time of day, here you will find your favorite product.
And last but not least, beacause of the high level of servicing and friendly ambience of the store, of which you will remain satisfied.

What advice would you give in selecting quality cold meats?

Buy sausages from authorized sales outlets, which comply with the storage conditions indicated on the package. Check the package when you buy a product, carefully read the information on the label. Check the production date and the shelf live, pay attention to the color and smell of the product. Following these simple steps you will not go wrong in choosing a fresh, quality and safe product.